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$8 Lip Plumper Set

THE FIND e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss Box
BUY ONLINE eyeslipsface.com
WHY YOU WANT IT Why pick one shade when you can buy this whole set of eight? With shades ranging from glossy cherry to bronze to subtle peach, there¹s a hue to suit your mood in this pack. Apply your favorite shade or layer it over another to create a look of your own.

more at: http://www.instyle.com/instyle/hot-finds/0,,20233528_20527185,00.html

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$10 Fragrance

THE FIND Banana Republic Malachite eau de parfum mini
BUY ONLINE bananarepublic.com
WHY YOU WANT IT This mini fragrance offers a lovely blend of sandalwood and floral essence.
Plus, if you purchase two or more, they’re just $7 each.
Whether you’re indulging yourself or gifting one for a friend, this eau de parfum is a sweet deal.

more at: http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2008/hotfinds/102008_hf_bnr_240.jpg

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Things You’ll Need:

  • -access to a walmart, rite aid, cvs, or walgreens.
  • -a little spending cash.
  • -the 5 products below.

    1-Ion anti-frizz solutions heat protection straightening iron spray- Sally Beauty Supply about $6.49
    2-CVS brand deep cleaning poor strips (combo pack for face and nose)- $7.99 CVS
    3-Downy wrinkle releaser- Walmart $4.69
    4-Loreal true match powder and liquid foundation about $9.99 each at any drug store
    5-Cover girl lip gloss ( the tube and wand kind)- CVS $5.99Read More At: http://www.ehow.com/how_2256729_better-great-cheap-beauty-products.html

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From hair products to skin serums, here are our beauty picks.
No need for anything else — stock your cabinet with these essentials and you’ll be beautifully prepared for gorgeous days ahead.

 -CHANEL NUDE BLUSH, $39.50. This blend of peach, rose, and nude hues gives a sun-kissed flush to all skin tones.
-AVEDA BE CURLY CURL CONTROL, $17.50. This light balm fights frizz and coaxes unruly curls into soft waves. 
-AVON INSTANT PEDICURE, $8. Wearing sandals tonight? These polish stickers can be applied in under five minutes. No drying time necessary.
-CLAIROL PERFECT 10 BY NICE ‘N EASY HAIR COLOR, $13.99. Healthier, natural-looking color (with 100 percent gray coverage) is just 10 minutes away. 
-MAYBELLINE NEW YORK MINERAL POWER LIQUID CONCEALER, $7.99. Soothing and illuminating minerals merge with a liquid’s lightness and ease.
-BOURJOIS EAU DE GLOSS, $15. Shiny lips minus the stickiness factor — just brilliant.
-NIVEA GOOD-BYE CELLULITE PATCHES, $11.99. Two patches per night yield smoother-looking thighs by morning
-REDKEN BODY FULL VOLUMIZING FOAM, $15.95. Amino acids lift and hold baby-fine strands.
-TWEEZERMAN MINI SLANT TWEEZERS, $12 EACH. Cheery polka dots and doll-like size make daily pruning more of a party.
-COVERGIRL LASHBLAST MASCARA IN BLACK, $7.49. Get thick, dark lashes and dump clumps for good. 

There’s more! Go to: http://www.marieclaire.com/hair-beauty/trends/articles/25-best-beauty-products

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For a lot of women, the days of splurging on designer cosmetics are over. They still want to look good, but they want quality products at a good price.

Here’s the good news, those products are out there, if you know where to look. 

Self Magazine asked readers to test over 1,000 hair skin and cosmetic products and rate them based on quality and price. “We tested about 1,400 products,” said Self editor Elaine D’Farley. “We had 86 winners and there were 34 products that were under $10.”


The top rated cleanser is made by C.O. Bigelow. It has a creamy texture that readers loved and it’s just $10.

For a wrinkle cream, the testers liked Garnier’s anti-aging treatment. It comes in a unique roll-on bottle, but it’s a bit more expensive at $17.

The best eye cream is made by Biore. It’s called ENLIVEN Cooling Eye Gel and it sells for $10. “It has a cooling kind of feeling instantly when you put it on,” D’Farley said.

Read more at: http://wbztv.com/consumer/self.beauty.products.2.991242.html

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Why buy expensive beauty products in these tight and trying times? Because you’re worth it, of course darling, but, more precisely, because they’re worth it.

It can be false economy using cheap skincare and makeup. You have to buy a lot of it to find the product that works, you have to use a lot of it – great scoops and globs of the stuff – to gain the desired result and you have to replace it a lot more regularly. Save the tedium of economising for phone bills and groceries. You want beauty products to make you look good. You use them to look the best you can. And often that’s only as good as the products you choose.

I’m obviously not the only one who thinks this. Market analyst Beauty Update is releasing a report this month which shows that there was solid growth in Australian sales of prestige makeup in 2008, despite the economic downturn. Georgio Armani was up 23 per cent on the previous year, MAC 20.8 per cent and Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown up 10 per cent. Chanel was also strong.

“The technology put into the high-end brands is off the radar,” says Tony Baumann, Mecca Cosmetica’s colour manager. “When you put By Terry makeup on clients’ skin, money doesn’t even come into the equation. When they wear it, they have to have it. It makes you look fresh and healthy. It makes you look young.”

Baumann says unlike the cheap, generic brands, prestige makeup is targeted to specific needs, whether that be shininess, sensitivity, lines or dullness. The high-end brands deliver highly pigmented, beautifully textured, blendable cosmetics that are a joy to use, even for the novice. They don’t fade or jade or get “eaten” by the skin as the day progresses. Perfection is attainable with the lightest application.

Read more at: http://www.watoday.com.au/lifestyle/luxuries/finding-value-in-beauty-20090406-9upv.html

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We all have been listening to the news, talk shows, reading articles and talking to friends and relatives about the economy. We all know that the U.S. is just not doing too well, overall, and in one way or another, we are all affected by this. This could be through our own personal experiences or in the quality in the things we purchase. I know had an experience at the deli counter just today where the person behind the meat counter used four zip bags trying to zip of the sliced ham I was purchasing just because the plastic and the zipper were so cheap that he couldn’t get the bag to zip up. Believe it or not, that is an indicator (cheaper plastic bags) of the times we are living in and I do know that it will be a bit longer before we will see any relief.

That being said, I think I speak for many women in the Dallas metropolis, when I say that no matter how hard times are, that I will continue to go to work, school, church, on vacation, etc. looking somewhat presentable in public. That means that while I may be cutting back in some ways, like maybe not wearing makeup on the weekends around the house,  there will have to be overwhelming circumstances for me to give up my beauty products – without a fight. We Dallas women take our beauty rituals seriously and as we are home to many cosmetic and hair product companies, i.e. Mary Kay, we know that we will continue our path of acquiring beauty products by any means necessary.
How we have chosen to accommodate this slump in the economy, is by being resourceful. We are becoming savvier, overly-conscientious, read more labels and take advantage of various sales, discounts, coupons and making more bulk purchases than we ever have in the past.

Read more at: http://www.examiner.com/x-6783-Dallas-Beauty-Examiner~y2009m4d20-Beauty-sacrificesin-this-economy

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