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PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― Instead of paying a fortune at a spa, you can opt for do-it-yourself all natural recipes. The professionals at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa shared their spa secrets to help you recreate some cheap and even edible treatments at home.

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa owner Danuta Mielouch says the first mistake most people make is using a harsh scrub when all you really need is a washcloth. She says the most important step before using any skincare product is to start with a clean face.

“A simple washcloth is great. You can run along your face and it gets all the makeup off and is a gentle exfoliator. It’s simple, it’s cheap and it works,” Mielouch said.

Summer skin takes a beating so she recommends a couple of masks. If your skin is dry, Mielouch says you can smash an avocado and apply it to clean skin.

more at: http://cbs3.com/topstories/spa.home.natural.2.1002403.html


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ORANGE, Calif., May 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Virtue® has become one of the most intriguing fragrance concepts to emerge in many years. Neither a celebrity fragrance nor a twist of something else, Virtue® stands alone as a one-of-a-kind perfume. Whether you seek its transformative qualities as your signature perfume or a devotional aid, mimicking the Holy Incense, it offers a truly original sensory experience. IBI officially launched Virtue®, April 3, 2007.

Thirty minutes after application, Virtue®, comprised of frankincense, myrrh, cassia, spices, exotic woods and fruit notes, renders a unique version on the wearer, sometimes having the major elements fall away leaving only a floral, with fruity top notes, when the formula is only 1 percent floral.

Virtue® has the ability to individualize distinctly on each person creating a fragrance signature — one-on-one — not always recognizable as Virtue®. Put another way, Virtue® possesses the intuitive tendency to individualize its fragrance characteristics and become as special as the individual wearing it.

Virtue’s chameleon like quality complies with the scriptural admonition not to use the Holy Incense as a personal adornment, reserving it for worship. With Virtue’s ability to individualize so distinctly, it allows a person to wear it without a common expression of the scent, yet, being a familiar reference for God’s still formlessness on the individual wearing it. Created through prayer and spiritual guidance, this unintended attribute revealed itself during initial samplings.

more at: http://www.send2press.com/newswire/2009-05-0501-001.shtml

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Looking for collagen ultra beauty remedies? If you do a web search, one of the products that will pop up is advertised as a “natural” facelift. If you look at the ingredients and you know anything about them, you will quickly see that it is not an all-natural product. 

You see, companies are allowed to use the term “natural” regardless of what their products contain. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration tried to come up with a legal definition of the term, but they were overruled in court.

Other terms like “doctor recommended” and “hypoallergenic” are also unregulated. They may mean something or they may mean nothing at all. In the case of this “natural facelift” the term means nothing. It does contain some naturally occurring ingredients, but it also contains a number of petrochemicals and artificial preservatives.

Read More At: http://www.articlesbase.com/medicine-articles/functional-keratin-is-better-than-collagen-ultra-beauty-remedies-723876.html

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If the name sounds familiar, it should. Rock & Republic has vaulted to the front of the fashion scene (and countless celeb wardrobes) with its edgy line of premium denim featuring its signature giant R’s on the rear pockets. Last fall, the brand moved from bod to visage, and the effects are extraordinary.

Included in R&R’s inaugural makeup collection are 10 product categories including pressed powder, bronzer, blush, eye and lip colors and luxurious brushes made of goat hair, pony hair and sable, available at Nordstrom and nordstrom.com.

What you won’t find in the line is foundation — just a tinted primer and a tinted illuminizer. The primer ($46) boasts an SPF of 20 and provides a light matte finish. A hint of caffeine gets circulation going for a more perfect complexion. The illuminizer ($48) imparts a luminous finish thanks to light-diffusing polymers.

Read more at: http://www.freep.com/article/20090503/FEATURES01/905030346/1026/FEATURES01/Rock+&+Republic+launches+premium+cosmetics+line

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While the debate over marijuana rages on, the use of hemp continues to gain popularity. Increasingly found in every day products such as paper and clothing there is one company that is bringing it back into the medicine cabinet – where activists and product lovers say it belongs.

Beverly Hills based 420 Hemp, LLC produces a full range of body care products made with ultra-moisturizing, omega packed hemp oil. With summer and its drying effects right around the, it’s time to take a hit with one of Hemp 420’s body care products, each of which is $14.95. 420 Hemp’s Organic Hemp Therapy Shampoo also contains grapefruit oil to leave your hair and body clean but not dried out; it’s a beautiful way to wash out the remains of a day at the beach.

Or, maybe the Therapy Body Lotion is what the doctor ordered to make summer smooth sailing – at least for your skin.

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There’s encouraging news from Aveda, the hair care and beauty company that has just achieved what’s known as a cradle-to-cradle  endorsement, but before I explain what that means, let me tell you why it matters.

I’m no expert on cosmetics (to say the least) but I’ve been following with interest the controversy over so-called toxic chemicals in beauty products. Without having reported on the merits of the allegations, I can tell you that there’s a storm brewing for this industry. See the  Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website, a book called Not Just a Pretty Face  and any number of mommy blogs. New York’s junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this week introduced the Safe Baby Products Act, which directs the FDA to “investigate and regulate hazardous contaminants in personal care products marketed to or used by children.”

Aveda need not worry about such allegations, and that’s got to be good for its business. Founded in 1978, Aveda can be pretentious in the way it talks about itself and its ideals. (The company name is a Sanskrit word for “all knowledge” and its trademarked motto is “The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences.” I could go on, but I won’t.) But Aveda’s track record is  long and impressive, and achieving the cradle-to-cradle endorsement, as well as gold-level cradle-to-cradle certification for seven of its products, means that Aveda has met high standards set by two gurus of the sustainability movement — architect Bill McDonough and chemist and lifecyle expert Michael Braungart. You can read this greenbiz.com story for more details on the C2C products. 

Cradle to cradle design is a cool idea: It aims to create products which generate no waste and are produced with renewable energy. “Cradle to cradle is a change in the paradigm of design,” says Dominique Conseil, the company president. Aveda is the first beauty products company in the world to win the endorsement, and only the second company of any kind in the U.S. (Method was the first.)

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Target is testing an eye-catching new beauty concept in a handful of Chicago-area stores.

Eight stores in the city’s western suburbs are piloting a new beauty layout that unites Target’s cosmetics, skincare and haircare categories in a stylish and easy-to-navigate department. According to a Target spokesperson, the chain installed the revamped department in March and “will determine future plans based on the success of these test stores.”

The concept is based on research that “shows women are looking for more information and solutions to better achieve their beauty needs,” said the spokesperson. The new design presents “a more visual environment, which invites [guests] to browse a mix of everyday essentials and exclusive beauty brands,” she said.

The layout incorporates some familiar elements from Target’s existing beauty departments — including backlit gondolas, in-line displays for exclusive brands and special presentations for premium products — but otherwise offers a highly distinct design. According to a source familiar with the program, Target hired an outside designer to revamp the department and also likely received input from its beauty product vendors.

Sitting across from packaged food aisles, the department comprises nine gondolas adorned with large beauty shots and evocative messages. The layout includes a mix of longer and shorter gondolas, which improves sightlines into some aisles. In-line displays add to the variety, combining standard fixtures with lower shelf sets that are backed by large close-up images of models. A blend of backlit and illuminated displays generate softer lighting, while signs, side panels, endcaps and other elements are slightly curved, offering a more modern, feminine look.

Reflective signage throughout the department works to connect visually and emotionally with shoppers while also serving as a navigational tool. Headers atop gondolas identify product categories with such action verbs as “Excite” (for eyeliner), “Splash” (bath & body) and “Tempt” (fragrances).

Read More At: http://www.instoremarketer.org/article/48245

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