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A: Chemical peels use acids to retexture the facial skin. Desired results include removal of small scars or fine lines around the mouth, discolorations of age spots, freckles, sun damaged skin and keratoses.

Today there are many options available to preserve a youthful appearance one of which is a chemical peel. There are several types of peels available depending on the level of desired results.

Chemical peels can be applied to the entire face or isolated to a particular area. Eyes should be protected during a chemical peel. Chemical peels are effective because they cause the skin to grow new tissue rich in collagen and elastin.

Most chemical peels are done on an out patient basis. A sedative may be administered to relax the patient. Pain medication may be requested prior to a deep peel; most physicians will prescribe pain medication for after the peel to reduce stinging and throbbing sensations.

It is important to follow aftercare directions when healing from a chemical burn. It is imperative to limit time in the sun, and only expose skin that is protected by a high SPF sun blocker. Sun’s rays cause damaging effects to the skin and can reduce any benefit the peel may be produced.

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A: When your hair color becomes lighter, so should your cheek color.

If your skin is dry, a creamy cheek color will add a moist glow to your cheeks.

But if you prefer to wear a powder blusher, and many women do, be sure to blend it well, especially if your skin is creased along the cheekbone.

If your hair is silvery-gray or white, concentrate most of the color on the round part of your cheek rather than along the hairline, to prevent too much of a contrast.

Also avoid applying any color to the hollow of your cheek. It will weigh down your face.

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A: According to Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, a noteworthy doctor with Parade magazine, acne is a hormonal problem. 

No food, including chocolate, can cause it. 

But because your mother warned you to keep away from chocolate back when you were a pimply teenager, you reflexively continue to pass that same advice along to your children.

Source: http://www.holisticbeauty.net/Acne_Troubles.htm

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