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Come to dry skin’s rescue with this pampering gift set featuring moisturizing hemp seed oil to repair dry, cracked skin and restore its natural moisture barrier.
Feel good giving this environmentally-friendly crop.

Hemp Lip Protector
Hemp Hand Protector
Hemp Body Butter
Hemp Foot Protector

Two piece rigid card box with natural paper lid, PET window and elastic closure. ($27.75)

More at: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/bodyshop/browse/product_detail.jsp?categoryId=&productId=prod988841


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The current concern about green living extends beyond the environment to personal care, and many consumers have developed an interest in natural and organic skin care. After all, what is the use of purifying our homes and workplaces if we are adding toxins to our bodies? It stands to reason, then, that many of us have begun to look into the use of a natural skin care product for our beauty regimen.

But what are some of the differences between natural and organic skin care and traditional commercial preparations? Many non-natural products have a high percentage of water as a base ingredient. Obviously, water is a natural ingredient, but what this means is that you, the consumer, are purchasing a product which is highly diluted. That can translate into some very expensive water!

Non-natural commercial products might also use blends of artificial thickeners and fillers in order to make their products look smooth and creamy. Finally, most non-natural skin care products use chemicals as preservatives. Your best bet when looking for natural and organic skin care products is to read the labels and educate yourself.

A natural skin care product line will be oriented toward plant and mineral ingredients that come from our gorgeous green earth and these ingredients will often be referred to as botanical-based. Natural and organic skin care products will, for the most part, not utilize man-made or chemical ingredients in their products. These natural and organic skin care products focus on stimulating cell growth and rejuvenating your skin, beginning with thorough cleansing and proceeding through gentle toning and moisturizing. Natural skin care products are never harsh or damaging to the skin. It is important to remember that deep cleansing of the skin is important, but it should not be done in a way that strips the skin of its natural oils.

Read More At: http://www.producedbynature.com/natural-articles/article/the-truth-about-natural-and-organic-skin-care

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Back from vacation from the beach, you may face with dark and burn skin which should not ignore. Be prepare to deal with them.Burning skin or Sunburn is caused by too much sun exposure. Symptoms depends on skin type. If the skin is whiter, the faster burn.

Normally, the sunburn level is from 1-6 (the lesser number mean whiter, will faster burn). Most Thai women’s skin will be around 4-5 but if half-blood or chinese will be around level 3. Estimately, sun exposure from 15 minutes to one and a half hour, the skin begin to burn. 

Sunburn level categorize by symptoms as follows;
Level 1 : Initial redness, iching, rash
Must Do : hiding into the shade drinking much water and adding more sunscreen in case if needed to stay in the sun. Then, moisturise with aftersun with aloe vera ingredient or using aloe vera jel to repair damaged skin and clean softly. Apply about 2-3 days will be better.

Level 2 : Having a burning pain, red inflamed
Must Do : Follow Level 1 Must Do to ease primary symptoms. 5-7 Days after will cause peeling skin. Suggest to use oil or moisturizer such as sesame oil, olive oil continuously 1-2 weeks. But if feel more severe, suggest to see the doctor to get antihistamine to take together with skin care.

Level 3 : Blister like scald
Must Do : Be hurry to see doctor because it is so dangerous at any time. If wound cracked (edidermis split from dermis) will cause infected skin. If not taking good care, it will be scar. In addition, someone will be dehydration till drip and taking antibiotic to protect infection. Normally, skin will be fixed in 1 month. Fortunately, this symtoms level mostly found in very white people such as Westerner who love sun bath for a long time. 

Tips :
If no aftersun products, basicly using coconut oil or peeled clean cucumber grinding and apply on skin for 5-10 minutes. Easier, try to apply with fresh milk, oil or butter to coat skin.

Take a shower with cold water after sun will help shorten venule, feeling comfort skin and less pain.

Take Vitamin C 2,000-3,000 mg. per day and Vitamin E will repair better.

Read More At: http://www.beautycareweb.com/beauty-tips/do-you-know-sunburn-enough.html

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Honey Scrub

Get ready to scrub your skin troubles away, with our anti-oxidant fighting Honey Scrub!

This Honey Scrub contains exfoliating honey & pumice scrubbers!!! These skin enhancing scrubbers remove dead skin cells from your skins surface & give it a silky smooth feel!
This delightful skin replenishing treatment will cleanse your skin & provide it with vital health enhancing nutrients your body needs. It contains Grape seed, Ginger and Chamomile extracts; which promote healing & strengthen your skin!
This body scrub will leave your skin well nourished & completely satisfied!

Key ingredients are:  Honey, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Ginger & Chamomile.

Key benefits are:
-It’s packed with Vitamin E, which help your skin to fight off signs of aging!
-It’s Ginger extract contents works to warm, energize & preserve your skins elasticity! 
-It’s available in all body line fragrances. 

Read More At: http://www.hakenusa.com/06_honeyscrub.htm

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The distinctive amber/burgundy color of Combray is due to the generous amount of Oxofulleram present (don’t worry, the color is not strong and quickly disappears after you apply it). Oxofulleram is a patent-pending antioxidant developed by Solenne which is available only in Combray. Clinical studies show it is highly effective at reducing the appearance of free radical damage such as that associated with age, sun, and inflammation. And, it is more gentle even than Vitamin E.

Combray is designed to mimic and supplement your skin’s own protection method of sebum, which is an antioxidant-rich oil. Combray contains only the essential ingredients Oxofulleram and grape seed oil, and nothing else. No added colors, perfumes, emulsifiers, stabilizers, or any other chemical. Combray is for any skin type, including oily and combination skin.

Solenne is a science company based in The Netherlands, and Combray represents a significant scientific achievement in application of antioxidants in skin care. Combray has quickly become quite a success in The Netherlands. The NRC Handelsblad, a national newspaper of record in The Netherlands, featured Solenne and Combray in a full front-page feature in the Science Section. The NRC said that Oxofulleram “beats as it sweeps as it cleans” free radicals, invoking the famous vacuum cleaner ads, and called it “a beautiful hybrid of Vitamins E and C.”

Learn more at: http://www.solenne.eu/?gclid=CIeZjKLchZoCFRJexwodhhacFQ

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