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Soap Set by TOCCA

Soap Set

Indulge in this set of three 3.5 oz, lushly-scented soaps, each infused with rich moisturizers and luxurious oils to leave your skin clean, soft and fabulously scented.

Set includes soaps in Cleopatra (grapefruit & cucumber), Stella (blood orange), and Florence (cabbage rose). ($30.00)

More at: http://tinyurl.com/dk3k5a

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Vanilla Oatmeal Soap Bar

Description: One With Nature Soaps combine genuine Dead Sea minerals, thousands of years in the making, with a pure vegetable base and moisturizing shea butter to provide a truly luxurious cleansing experience.

The soothing bath bars relax muscles, stimulate circulation and restore the skin’s natural pH.
Best of all, they are 100% natural. Experience the Dead Sea Difference.   

-Dead Sea Mineral Soap
-Triple Milled Mild Exfoliating Bar with Dead Sea Salts & Shea Butter
-Designed Thoughtfully
-Developed Naturally
-Manufactured Responsibly

Warnings: No animal testing.
Price: $2.46

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When it comes to cleansing, beauty junkies tend to reach for shower gels, but going back to basic bar soap is a better idea. Natural bar soaps can be just as indulgent, hydrating and wonderfully smelling as liquid soaps. And if you go for organic and natural beauty brands, bar soap is very eco friendly. You’ll get a cleanser in the purest form, so you’ll save your skin and the earth from a laundry list of chemicals.

There are many organic bar soap benefits to enjoy. Traditional synthetic soaps are made with petroleum—not really a clean ingredient, right? Natural bar soaps on the other hand are made from plants oil like coconut, almond or olive. Most traditional soaps also use chemical surfactants called sulfates to create a sudsy lather, but besides making bubbles these harsh ingredients can be very drying to your skin.

You’ll have a hard time finding a natural bar soap line that has such amazing fragrances and beautiful packaging as Pacifica Natural Soap.  Their moisturizing Tahitian Gardenia bar gets its sweet floral scent from essential and natural oils. All of Pacifica’s soaps are handmade using a vegetable-glycerin base and no sulfates.

Wake up in the morning with the energizing citrus scents of grapefruit and lemongrass. Kiss My Face Sudz Organic Bar Soap has the added benefit of alpha hydroxy acids from a variety of fruits, which will gently exfoliate away dead skin cells while you cleanse. 

Read more at: http://tinyurl.com/df782q

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