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Fake Bake

Self Tanner:

Fake Bake Instant Self Tanner provides a beautifully natural tan that is guaranteed to satisfy even the palest skin tones.

Fake Bake’s exclusive formula works to enhance your own pigment without turning you orange.
The rich-cocoa brown color ensures a streak-free application every time!

APPLICATION TIP: Dry skin will absorb self tanner unevenly, making it tough to rub in.
Make sure you moisturize before applying tanner in order to insure an even, streak-free tan.
6 fl. oz. ($24.95)

More at: http://skincarerx.com/Fake-Bake-Self-Tanner.html

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Tinted gelée gives you an instant touch of bronze color, then a heavenly, sun-kissed tan that looks more natural than ever.

Divine Seduction for Your Skin:

-Instantly see a transfer-resistant, soft shimmer bronze tint.

-Self-tanner creates even, golden color, starting in under an hour.

-Super-luxurious formula goes on silky-smooth.

Advanced Self-Tan Technology:

-Applies easily, so you don’t need to worry-your tan will come out just right every time.

-Estée Lauder’s advanced tan-perfecting technology is proven to deliver your most natural-looking color ever.

-Immediately see a radiant glow.

-Starting in under an hour, an even, golden tan begins to develop. 

more at: http://tinyurl.com/cg22u9

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Tanning Mist

Actress/singer Lindsay Lohan introduces Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist—her sunless secret to achieving a flawless tan. In collaboration with celebrity airbrush tanner Lorit, the two worked together to make a luxurious tanning mist that was once only available to Lorit’s celebrity clients. Infused with Goji Berry extract, known for its powerful antioxidant properties, and Chardonnay extracts to help keep the skin hydrated, Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist provides an even, natural looking tan conveniently delivered in an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly aerosol can.

“I have tried every tanning product on the market and worked with the best tanners in the business. When Lorit and I met, we thought it would be great to bring a quality product at a reasonable price to the market so everyone could enjoy a professional spray tan,” Lohan said.

Named after Lohan’s lucky numbers 7 and 9, the dynamic duo hopes to encourage men and women to stay out of the sun and “cherish their skin.” In fact, a portion of the proceeds benefits skin cancer awareness charities. So go ahead, spray yourself healthy and feel good about it.

More at: http://www.sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarchy.jhtml?brandId=Sevin%20Nyne

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