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Brushing Away Tooth Pain

Brushing Away Tooth Pain

Brushing your teeth twice in a day is deemed to be one of the most effective teeth pain remedies.

Some dentists recommend brushing the teeth after each and every meal to avoid any kind of tooth problems.
Apart from brushing the teeth, it is recommended to apply a sliced lime directly on the teeth.
Brush the sliced lime against the teeth and let the juice enter the spaces between the teeth.

The juice contains calcium which is highly beneficial for the teeth. 
It will not only make your teeth strong and healthy, but will also cure toothache and other gum diseases.
This method can be conducted before or after brushing your teeth.

Chewing clove on a daily basis is a valuable herbal remedy for tooth pain.
It is recommended to chew a clove all throughout the day.

To eliminate the germs and bacteria in your mouth, a few slices of raw onion are considered to be very helpful. You can either consume the slices directly or by extracting the juice and consuming it with water. Honey is an effective wisdom tooth pain remedy. Rub a dab of honey on the wisdom tooth at least four times in a day to gain quick relief.

Apart from the remedies, it is very important to exercise these preventive measures, so that the tooth pain does not reoccur.

First and foremost, avoid eating any food which contains high levels of carbohydrates. It creates bacteria and germs in the mouth which cause end number of teeth problems. Stick to a healthy diet at all times. Green vegetables, fresh fruits, chicken, fish and milk products are very beneficial and comprise of a healthy diet. Smoking should be completely avoided as it ruins the condition of the teeth. 

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Go Smile!

“GoSMILE ADVANCED formula B1 – Tooth Whitening On The Go is clinically proven to whiten your smile up to 10 shades in just 7 days.

No fuss. No mess. No gel. No strips. No trays. No pain!

The most potent form of tooth whitening outside the dentist’s office thanks to GoSMILE’s proprietary ampoule technology. 20 convenient, easy-to-use hygienic single dose ampoules .

Use anywhere, twice a day, for 2 minutes. The soft brush tip lets you gently target specific teeth Won’t damage tooth enamel or cause sensitivity.”

– creator Jonathan B. Levine.

GoSMILE comes in these little vials you can take with you wherever you go.
So if you’re meeting up with a girl and need a quick little touch up, you can whip it out and put it on.

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